Bulk Mail

Check In and Verification, Transportation and Drop Ship, Loadtex Does Everything But Bring It to Your Front Door

We Move All Kinds of Bulk Mail

Whether you have 1st Class Mailings, Periodicals, Political Campaign Mailings, or Direct Mail Marketing materials, Loadtex has the experience and expertise you need. As an asset-based company we use our own trucks with specialized equipment. Printed materials have a very short shelf-life. They may not rot like perishable food, but yesterday’s news is just no longer relevant, and expired coupons are no help at all. With Loadtex as your transportation partner, you can feel confident that your printed material will be where it needs to be in time to get where it’s going.

Loadtex Does Check In and Drop Ship

We have been working in this industry for over 15 years, so we really understand the policies and procedures that govern USPS bulk shipments. We can check in printed materials at the local Network Distribution Center (NDC), get the required verification and 8125 form, and then transport it to a Sectional Center Facility (SCF) or Direct Distribution Unit (DDU). In all cases, Loadtex knows the proper process that needs to be followed—and the paperwork to go with it. Loadtex does these kinds of complicated shipments right.

We Do Bulk Mail Solutions Tailored For You

Whatever your bulk mail needs are, Loadtex can meet them. We work with national newspapers, regional and local magazines, mailings for political campaigns, and direct mail marketing, among others. Do you need your bulk mail verified at a NDC (Network Distribution Center) or SCF (Sectional Center Facility)? Do you need it transported from a NDC to a DDU (Direct Delivery Unit)? Or to a P&DC (Processing & Distribution Center)? Loadtex understands the intricacies of the bulk mail business, and will work with you to meet your particular needs.

We’re Your Reliable Partner in the Bulk Mail Supply Chain

We have been working in this industry long enough to have earned a reputation for reliability, and it’s a reputation we work hard to maintain. We invest in more trucks, more staff, and greater support so that your bulk mail delivery can happen smoothly. With all of our assets (trucks, technology, and people), we have the resources to problem-solve all kinds of situations. We meet the challenge of time-sensitive delivery, even time-definite delivery. In the bulk mail supply chain, Loadtex is proud to be your proven partner.

Loadtex Makes Bulk Mailing Easy

Loadtex has the equipment, people, and technology to make bulk mailing easy for you. We have a variety of different trucks, and all Loadtex trucks have lift gates and pallet jacks. Unlike most companies that charge those separately as add-ons, we don’t. Our trucks have air ride suspension, so you don’t need to worry about your bulk mail being damaged in transit. Our people know the business and we have support available 24/7. Because of our electronic logs, we have real-time tracking and GPS available on all of our trucks. With Loadtex, bulk mailing is no problem.